Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Alright, time to start this blog back up!

Alright, I'm sorry for the lack of posts in so long, but lets start this blog back up!

Alright, so this website that I'm reviewing next is called Swagbucks. I probably don't use them as points2shop, but they are still awesome. The website is very easy to use, all you need to do to get prizes(like giftcards, games, etc) is search the web. Yes, searching the web can get you free prizes. The picture above is a screenshot I just took after performing a couple of searches. Also, when you refer people to their website, you get swagbucks every time they earn it, so you are just multiplying your earnings. I'm going to try and update this blog more, and I'll update this later with some good tricks/hints to help you get some extra earnings. Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Okay, I'm going to start with reviewing points2shop since it seems as if it was the most commonly voted for out of the various options.

I am going to make a video later if anyone requests so, but for now I am just going to review it with words, and explain how it works.

With Points2shop ( http://www.points2shop.com/?ref=finkrocks44 ), you can complete offers, play games, or refer others to earn either cash or prizes from amazon.  I personally have made almost $150 bucks with it, as can be seen through my profile on their website. Some offers will only earn you points, while others will earn you cash. Cash can be converted into points, but not the other way around. 100 points are equal to $1, and points and cash are converted at a 1:1 ratio, meaning it is still valued the same when you convert from cash to points. Cash can be withdrawn through paypal, checks, or basically anything, but points can only be withdrawn through gifts from amazon. It's not that hard to make points, and with 2 days of trying, I was able to get a game from amazon from them. If you click on the link ( http://www.points2shop.com/?ref=finkrocks44 ), and sign up, you automatically start out with 250 points, equal to $2.50 (Must be from the US, England, or Canada I believe, but I am not 100% sure.), and they have the option to receive $1 with 100 points so you can test them to make sure it works. If you choose to get the dollar, when you sign up and confirm your email, you just need to go to their prize section to redeem it. You put in your address and they mail it to you. I highly recommend this site, but if you're a little iffy, upon request, I can put up pictures of the prizes I won, and you can see which prizes I won from their website. (I can't put up pictures of the used giftcards, or the airsoft gun since I don't have them anymore though :P)

Friday, March 18, 2011

For my first blog

I'm trying to decide on what website to review first about how to make money online. I've narrowed it down to either points2shop, gifts4points, swagbucks, or lockerz. I'll let you guys decide, comment with which website you would like me to review first.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

How do I put AdSense on my blog (using Layouts)? - Blogger Help

How do I put AdSense on my blog (using Layouts)? - Blogger Help

How to make cash

You know, I've been thinking, there has to be a good way to make money off of the internet, so I have decided that through this blog, I am going to show you some various ways that I've found to make money off of the internet, and discuss the efficiency and difficulty of each method. This is my very first post, but I hope that I am going to be able to expand this blog over time, and eventually develop it into a full-fledged website/blog.